We are often asked why Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne is the best option for many homeowners. It’s a question that we have been answering for years, but one that can not be answered in a single post.

Therefore, we have decided to answer this question in several posts as there are many different aspects of a knock down rebuild that make it such a popular choice amongst home owners.

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It is a proven solution to re-build your existing property

The Knock Down Rebuild is a proven solution to re-build your existing property. It is the most cost effective way to re-build your home, and it can be done quickly.

The re-build process is fast, and we can get your new home built in as little as 4 months. We start by demolishing your existing property, then we build a new foundation and frame up the house. Once this is done, we install all of the interior and exterior finishes to complete your new house.

There are no estate or community fees to pay

Knock down rebuild is the practical choice as you will not have to pay estate or community fees.

There are no need to pay for the infrastructure of your estate, as this has already been built by your developer and is included in your purchase price. You will also not be responsible for maintenance costs, which are covered by them too!

When you purchase a new home, you may have to pay estate or community fees. These are the costs of maintaining the infrastructure of your estate, such as roads and parks. In addition, you are responsible for any maintenance costs not covered by your developer—such as gardening and repairs to communal areas.

A knock down rebuild is often more cost effective than renovating

If you're looking to buy a house, a knock-down rebuild can often be more cost effective than renovating an existing property.

This is because:

  • The costs of renovating can be high. If you're planning to restore the interior of your home or make structural improvements, these projects can be expensive and time consuming.
  • You may need to hire contractors who are expensive in themselves and then pay them for their labour on top of the materials needed for each stage of the project (for example paint and wallpaper).
  • In addition, if there are any planning restrictions on how much work you want done then this will also increase costs due to having less flexibility with what can be done inside the house as well as potentially needing planning permission before starting work anyway!
  • Renovations may not be possible due to structural issues inside your property such as leaking roofs or damp walls which could lead towards mould growth throughout both interiors & exteriors causing further damage over time unless fixed properly firstly through professional inspection by specialists such as roofers/plumbers etcetera...

In conclusion, Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne is the best option for homeowners who want to update or upgrade their home.

You can save money by using your existing land and building a new house on top of it. This process also keeps your property value locked in so there's no risk involved with investing in this type of renovation project.